Triple Flip: the smartphone that simplifies by overcomplicating

Sometimes less is more. In the Triple Flip smartphone concept's case — we'd happily take a dumb phone over this mishmosh. For the love of ponies, let's hope Nokia's partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 smartphones doesn't end up anything like this.

Dave Schultze's Triple Flip was created to simplify the smartphone, but instead it seems to actually make it more complicated. The phone tries too hard by shoving everything from a solar charger with swappable solar panels, a clunky flip-out keypad mechanism, a slide-out keyboard, adaptable buttons for different apps, mini HDMI port and a mini USB into the device.

Flat out, the Triple Flip is almost the complete opposite of what a general smartphone looks like today — a streamlined slab of touchscreen with minimal buttons.

We'd have liked the phone, if was 1999, but it's not. If Nokia needs any point of reference, let it be this. Please oh please, let the first Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia smartphones look way better than this

SchultzeWORKS, via Yanko Design

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