Tiny electric city car hides a scooter in its tail

One of the problems with driving in a big city, is that once you've found a nice parking spot, you don't want to give it up. That means riding public transport or burning a lot of shoe leather to actually get to the places you want to go. This tiny city car makes it easier, by giving you an electric scooter to ride from place to place.

The McCar is kind of similar to that VW concept we saw just a couple of days ago, but unlike that car where it separates from the car Batpod style, the McCar's scooter is a completely independent vehicle. Built by Geely, the Chinese company that owns Volvo, a prototype of the McCar is being currently on display at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Geely says that McCar will be available in two versions, a fully electric model with a range of 93 miles, and a plug in hybrid for people who don't want a restricted range. The electric scooter can go 18 miles on a charge, which should be plenty to get you to every store in even the biggest mall.

Another option lets you replace the scooter with a more traditional wheelchair, making the McCar a good option for people with limited mobility.

Geely didn't announce whether they had plans to actually build the McCar, although I expect the McDonald's folks might have something to say about the name.

Via Born Rich

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