This cartridge lets you shoot digital with any film camera

Shooting great pictures on film may be little more than a fuzzy memory these days, but that doesn't mean that there aren't lots of people with awesome film camera systems gathering dust on the shelf. This cartridge aims to make your hip vintage camera gear useful again, by letting you shoot digital images.

The RE-35 cartridge looks kind of like a regular roll of film, but hidden inside the can is a pull out image sensor that you stretch across the opening where the film normally sits to be exposed. The cartridge comes in 4, 8, and 12-megapixel versions, so you can choose a resolution that fits your needs. Once you're done shooting, a USB cable connects to the cartridge to download the images while recharging the cartridge's battery.

I think this is an amazingly cool product. I still have my 31 year old Canon AE-1, along with a whole slew of expensive lenses that are just gathering dust. I would love to give it a fresh spin with one of these.

The RE-35 will be available later this year. Prices were not announced.

Note: Some people are claiming that this is just an elaborate left over April Fools' Day joke. What do you think? Before you cry "foul", check out this page, from the website developer, and this video posted almost two months ago.

RE-35, via PopSci

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