20 awesome animated photos that are more lifelike than 3D

3D schmee-dee. While everyone is off chasing the third dimension with their dorky 3D glasses and parallax barrier 3D video handhelds, we're forgetting the beauty that a flat photograph can hold. This series of animated photos by NY photographer Jamie Beck takes a different approach to making photos come to life — GIFs.

(The above image there is static — the ones you're looking for are down below in our gallery. Click to get this moving image party started!)

I don't what it is, but the subtleness in these animated photographs make them feel very real. I can almost feel the wind blowing the cloth or the candles on the cake flickering. The photos are flat, but the animated dimension gives them depth. Beck's photos really feel like "moments" suspended in time (kind of like those moving photos in the Harry Potter movies).

I've been staring at these pics for well over 30 minutes, and I think if I could make my very own, I would go buy a digital picture frame for myself. This is how I want the future of photography to be — not video and not 3D — just animated.

Check out the gallery below. If you still can't get enough afterwards, Beck's tumblr site "From Me to You" has a lot more animated photos.

CORRECTION: Kevin Burg, co-creator of the animated photos wrote in to tell us photo six in the gallery is not part of their collection. Thanks, Kevin!

From Me to You and Acidcow, via Techeblog

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