The Flip cam dies as smartphones with HD video gloat

The smartphone triumphs and the Flip camera falls to its peril. That's more or less the story behind today's announcement by Cisco that the affordable Flip cameras will no longer be produced.

Cisco's CEO John Chambers says that the decision to kill off the Flip camera business it purchased two years ago for $590 million is a move to refocus the network company.

The easy to use camera that comes with a USB plug was the perfect video recorder for dummies. Press the big red button to record and then again to stop. Plug it directly to your computer and voila, grab your video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and you're done.

But we knew the death of the Flip was coming. When Apple decided to add a video camera to the iPod Nano 5G, we said the Flip was dead. When Apple added video recording and then HD video recording to the iPhone, we said the Flip was dead. Then Apple added a camera to the iPod Touch, we said the Flip was dead. Nearly every smartphone now has a minimum of 720p HD video recording. There is no longer a reason for the Flip to exist. It had to die.

If given the choice between a bulky Flip camera or a slim iPod Touch or smartphone, which one would you choose? Exactly. Good-bye Flip cam, I won't miss you.

Via Business Insider

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