This device can pull every iota of info on you off your phone

If you see someone with one of those bad boys above, you probably want to keep your phone as far away from it as possible. That's the UFED Physical Pro, and it's capable of pulling literally everything off your phone, even if you "deleted" it.

Sure, this forensic tool is meant for law enforcement, which is great, but it still sounds a little unsettling:

Cellbrite's handheld forensic tools are made to dump the entirety of your phone--and ergo, a large, large part of your entire life--into the hands of cops (or anyone else with the gear). All of your text messages, emails, videos, and photos--even the ones you deleted. But goes way beyond that. Google Maps queries--every address you've looked up and maybe ventured to--web searches, passwords, call logs. Your phone's entire file system. All timestamped, all geotagged, all providing a digital recreation of the way your physical existence projects itself into the cellular ether.
These things can do this to over 3,000 types of phones, so I'm sure whatever you're carrying around would be no problem at all. But hey, as long as you're no lawbreaker, you should be fine. Right?

The Atlantic via Gizmodo

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