Spectacular pirate ship bedroom has a huge spiraling slide

There's nothing quite like going home after a tiring day and plunking down in your comfy bed. But sleeping in a bedroom with a pirate ship that leads to a crow's nest from a wooden rope bridge? Why that would be just arr'some!

The credit for this beautiful bedroom goes to designer Steve Kuhl. Not only did he create a bedroom any Jack Sparrow fanatic would love, but he even threw in a spiraling slide for easy access to the bedroom floor from the pirate ship!

Kuhl's attention to the details in this bedroom is magnificent. There's even a jail cell with a steel door. The only thing I can think of that's missing is a plank to force captives on to. Any kid who doesn't appreciate this bedroom doesn't deserve to live here. I'd probably live in this bedroom forever if it were mine.

Check out the gallery for high-quality pics. Makes that old car-shaped bed from back in the day look like crap doesn't it?

Flickr - Steve Kuhl and Fresh Home, via Yahoo! News

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