Say goodbye to the typewriter, 1867-2011

If you ever thought it might be fun to own an old style typewriter, you need to move fast. The last typewriter factory in the world has stopped making new ones, and they have only 500 left in stock.

The Godrej and Boyce factory in Mumbai India actually stopped making them in 2009, and have been selling from inventory since then. Twenty years ago they would sell 50,000 per year, but recently the number has been more like 800.

While the typewriter is obviously a victim of computers and word processors, I'm surprised they don't have more of an underground following like vinyl turntables.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the clickity-clack of the manual typewriter, having gone through my college days doing all my work on my Dad's old 1950s Olympia manual (I guess that dates me too). I must admit however that I haven't dusted it off in decades, so I guess its time has come.

via The Atlantic

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