Rest easy, citizen: police sunglasses can scan 400 faces a second

Brazilian police are getting sunglasses with cameras attached that can automatically identify 400 known criminals per second from up to 12 miles away, designed to ferret out hooligans at the 2014 World Cup. They're watching you...

The sunglasses are wirelessly connected to a huge computer database with the facial profiles of 13 million people, and as a police officer wearing them walks around, images are continually streamed back to the system, which can scan 400 faces per second, checking 46,000 points on each for a match. If the database finds something, a screen connected to the glasses will let the officer know just who exactly it is that needs a beatdown.

Generally, the glasses are optimized for viewing people within about 150 feet, but they can apparently be adjusted to recognize faces from up to 12 miles away (!). So, if you weren't paranoid about somebody watching you before, now's a good time to start. Just remember, it's all for our own safety, so, you know, we should really just be thankful.

Via Telegraph

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