Real life 'wearable' Iron Man suit actually fits into a briefcase

I'm trying to think of words to describe Ryan Brooks' Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armor costume, but I can't. Words like "awesome" and "incredible" won't do it justice. As far as I can tell, this is the most realistic Iron Man costume ever created that actually fits into a briefcase as seen in Iron Man 2. Just watch the video to be blown away.

Built from over 4,000 LEGO Technic pieces, 483 pieces of "high-impact polystyrene plastic armor," and a ton of other foamy and electrical stuff, Brooks' Iron Man suit took over 1,200 man hours from start to finish. No kidding. Just look at the remarkable amount of detail — this thing is not a child's toy.

On the plus side, the entire suit compresses. On the downside, it looks like you need two buddies to help you put it on — not exactly fit for the speed real world crime-fighting requires, but hey, the suit is still pure nerdgasmic every way you look at it.

As a bonus, Brooks even tossed in a LED Arc Reactor that's sewn into his black spandex! For the full list of materials (it's a lot), you can visit Ryan's Cosplay page. I'm still trying to pick my jaw off the ground.

Cosplay, via Geekologie

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