Razer's 7-inch Switchblade gaming PC actually getting produced

Wow, what a difference four months can make. First shown off at CES in January, Razer's portable Switchblade gaming PC device is no longer just a working prototype concept. Razer's partnering with Chinese Internet company Tencent to bring the portable gaming beast to China.

Why China? Because those kiddies love them some MMORPGs and gold farming in World of Warcraft or similar type games — games the Switchblade's adaptable programmable keyboard buttons are perfect for.

Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan thinks that selling the portable gaming machine in China is a huge opportunity to latch onto a market that's gaga about PC gaming (most video game consoles are banned in China, unless they are sold officially with Chinese distributors or homegrown). Tan plans to conquer China and then the rest of the world after.

With over 457 million Internet users in China, partnering with Tencent, the country's largest online game provider is a no-brainer. Razer and Tencent are planning to initially offer four games and launch. Pricing will supposedly be "affordable" with a launch date still TBA.


Via PC World

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