Razer Talon promises to play your games for you

High-end gaming mouse maker Razer's entry into today's cornucopia of fake, jokey crap is the Razer Talon, a "high precision biomechatronic exoskeleton." I kind of wish it was real.

The Talon purports to be a controller that fits over all of your fingers. As they explain:

As you play, the Razer Talon will learn your primary mouse and keyboard actions. The Razer Talon will take over and begin to execute your actions at a lighting fast pace. Relax your fingers and put your game on cruise control as your APM screams past the 3,000 mark. No wallhacks needed. Anti-cheat software doesn't apply. Your body is bio-hacked for gaming greatness.
Sure, sure, it's a joke, but after getting wrecked by 13 year olds in Call of Duty, I wouldn't mind this sort of help.

Via Razer

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