Pull-ring-powered R/C car puts a new spin on drinking and driving

Just like Doc's car in Back To The Future, this cute little R/C runs on trash, but instead of using a Mr Fusion reactor for power, the "dAlH2Orean H2" has a fuel cell that eats scrap aluminum for breakfast.

A few soda can pull-tabs dropped into the tank will react with hydroxide of sodium and water in the tank, to form the hydrogen which propels the car.

The current fuel cell can run the car at up to 19 mph for about 40 minutes, but developers Aleix Llovet and Xavier Salueña from Barcelona Tech in Spain say that the technology can be upscaled to deliver enough power for small passenger cars. Of course, then if a cop ever nails you for having several cases of beer cans in the trunk, you can just explain that it's only more fuel for your car.

dAlH2Orean, via Engadget

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