Pro style home brewing rig lets you make serious suds at home

If you're really serious about beer, perhaps you've considered making your own brew at home. There are plenty of cheap home brewing kits, but if you really want results that will rival your favorite micro brew, you're going to need some serious kit.

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewing System from New Zealand uses the same brewing methods as professional microbreweries, so the results are said to rival the finest commercially sold brews. The process takes about seven days, but appears to be pretty automated, with just a few minutes attention required each day.

Once your brew is done, the built in tap lets you dispense the beer glass by glass at the prefect temperature. That's all very cool, but it brings up one problem with this system. Because the beer is stored in the machine, once you finish off a batch, it's going to be another seven days before your next beer is ready. I guess if you're really into this, you could get two WilliamsWarn machines, although at NZ $5,660 ($4,423 US) a pop, that's going to be some mighty expensive brew.

WilliamsWarn, via Born Rich

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