Oh good, a robot that sticks tubes down your throat

Normally, if you need to have a breathing tube inserted for medical reasons, a doctor will do it. But hey, why use a doctor when you can use a robot?

Intubation happens pretty much whenever someone is put under for surgery, just to keep their windpipe open so they keep breathin'. And the Kepler Intubation System does that, no messy doctors required.

"We think that The Kepler Intubation System can assist the anesthesiologist's arms and hands to perform manual tasks with less force, higher precision and safety," said Hemmerling. "One day, it might actually be the standard practice of airway management."
Oh good! In addition to all the other stresses that come along with going under the knife, you now need to worry about a robot shoving a tube down your throat.

Gizmag via Geekologie

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