No more stealing hotel towels, washable RFID tags are here

How do you justify paying for a swanky luxurious hotel that costs $200 a night? By stuffing your suitcase with as many hotel "souvenirs" as possible. Anything and everything from towels to shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, bath robes, slippers, etc. are applicable. Say hasta la vista to those klepto habits because hotels are beginning to track their towels with RFID chips.

Created by Linen Technology Tracking, the washable RFID chips are sewn into anything made of cloth inside of a hotel room. If you try to take off with the towels, a sensor will go off and the hotel will immediately. At the moment, three hotels in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan are testing the RFID-embedded towels out. Which ones? Linen Technology Tracking is not telling.

Right. Makes sense, if people knew which hotels had the chips, they'd steer clear of robbing towels. The unnamed Honolulu hotel has seen success with the RFID-embedded towels — theft is down from 4,000 to 750 in one month!

The lesson here is: just don't steal hotel towels, you might just get caught when checking out.

NY Times, via Coolest-Gadgets

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