No need to throw yourself out of this heliboarding concept

This concept copter features a passenger compartment that can be lowered to the ground, avoiding that ungainly leap followed by a probable faceplant that normally happens when exiting a hovering chopper with something strapped to your feet (or so I'm told). But then, you snowboarders are used to faceplants anyway, right?

The AvA 299 DROP heliboarding transport concept comes from Timon Sager. It uses coaxial rotors to give it more efficient lifting power at high altitudes, which is just what you need to find that pristine powder you crave. For the record, I imagine that this copter could be used for skiers just as well as for snowboarders. And also, learn to go down the mountain in straight lines, you jerks.

Hit up the gallery for lots more pics.

Timon Sanger, via Yanko

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