More mobile laziness: electric skates from Skataz

Building an electric car or even a motorbike makes sense, but stuffing a battery into a pair of skates? Get out of here. That's just an excuse to be lazy and not walk.

Since when did we become so incapacitated that we need electric skates? Skataz aren't so much as useless as they are unnecessary. Powered by a 350 watt motor, these electric skates can cruise around at up to 13.5 miles per hour. Speed is controlled by a wired remote-control (might we suggest wireless?).

Skataz isn't just aiming to sell electric skates, it's also seeking investors to build electric skate parks. It sounds like they're trying to revive the old roller skate/disco rinks of yesteryear, but somehow I don't think people will bite.

Pricing and release info has yet to be released for Skataz, but what do you really think? Would you actually buy a pair of Skataz or go to a electric skating park? Would you need to break out the old bell-bottoms?

Skataz, via Ubergizmo

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