Modular car breaks off into a Segway for tight spaces

As part of this year's Michelin Challenge Design showcase, Colin Pan came up with the MBOLIC, a modular concept car that can be broken down into a Segway-like vehicle.

Designed to improve accessibility in densely populated areas like China where bicycles are common and automobiles are quickly becoming purchasable thanks to its booming middle class and economy, Pan's MBOLIC car is the best of both worlds.

When you need to make a huge grocery run, jump into the MBOLIC car. Need to duck into a street market for some fresh fish that you couldn't find at Costco? Release the wheels into a "m" gyro-balanced vehicle that's pretty much a Segway, but with a seat.

I'm still wondering what happens to the MBOLIC's body, when the wheels come apart. Does it just sit there on the side of the street, like a giant turkey with a leg chopped off? And how do you re-connected the wheels back without having to lift the MBOLIC's body? So many questions...but I suppose that's what a concept is — just a dreamy idea.

Via Yanko Design

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