Kinect-powered armchair puts the 'vroom' in furniture

Professor X's chair is real — almost. At Microsoft's recent MIX11 event, the Redmond-based giant took the wraps off its official Kinect PC SDK. With the tools, developers can program Kinect to do awesome things like this custom-built armchair that moves and reacts to your hand gestures.

The armchair isn't exactly a looker, but that's besides the point. What's more important is that with a few hand gestures, tedious actions like reclining the chair and controlling directions can be carried out. No more wasting a hand to grapple with a mini-joystick!

Unofficial Kinect hacks have shown us the future, but official Kinect projects are going to way more advanced. The Kinect PC SDK will include support for two-person skeletal tracking, provide access to the four mics for high-tech speech recognition and XYZ depth perception.

Minority Report. Start.

Via CrunchGear

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