Israeli company launches 'sin free' kosher smartphone

If you're an ultra Orthodox Haredi Jew, you're instructed to avoid technology that might influence you in "undesirable ways". To meet those needs, an Israeli telecom company has just launched what they say is the first "sin free" smartphone.

There have been other Kosher phones, but most are just basic phones with some of the features blocked. This new phone goes all out to be Orthodox friendly with Yiddish menus, and Hassidic folk tune ringtones.

To keep you on the straight and narrow, the phone has no Internet, no Facebook, no email, and no text messaging. That kind of makes me wonder why they're still calling it a smartphone. Best of all, if you try to use it on the Sabbath, the call will cost you a frightening $3.70 per minute. So I guess there is a price for sinning.

If you eat your lunch while holding it, I wonder if you'll need to get it "cleaned" by that blowtorch wielding rabbi?

Via Straights Times

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