iPhone radiation dock aims to help Japan cope with nuclear crisis

Last weekend I had the opportunity to join tech investor Joi Ito and his cohorts Jun Murai, Ray Ozzie and Dan Sythe for the New Context Conference in Tokyo where RDTN.org showed off its latest efforts to leverage technology to help with Japan's ongoing nuclear crisis.

Aside from the wealth of information about radiation, as well as the updates on the group's efforts to bring radiation detectors to Japan, the most interesting discovery was the iGeigie. The device is a portable Geiger counter that docks with your iPhone. The set-up computes Counts Per Minute and allows you to call your iPhone to listen to the clicks that indicate radiation levels.

During one discussion, while RDTN co-founder Aaron Huslage explained the merits of the project, another earthquake (about 5.8) struck, putting a fine point on the importance and immediacy of the proceedings. You can see the moment captured this past Saturday in the video below.


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