I want to live in these abandoned oil rigs converted into underwater housing

I absolutely love it when old junk gets a second lease on life. Noticing the growing number of abandoned oil rigs floating around, designers Ku Yee Kee and Hor Sue-Wern came up with an idea that would recycle those looming structures into underwater quarters and marine research labs.

The plan by the designers would see old oil rigs retrofitted with new eco-friendly technologies such as solar panels on the roof, tidal energy generators and a huge wind turbine for harvesting energy throughout the day, with the goal for the floating rigs to be self-sustainable.

Inhabitants would be able to live in the stacked rooms above the water while enjoying spectacular oceanic views. Researchers would get to work in the labs beneath.

If someone turned these oil rigs into an aquatic hotel, I'd spend a night or two in them. Imagine how romantic it would be to literally sleep with the fishes and sharks...

Inhabitat, via The Design Blog

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