Hopefully Wii HD games will look as good as this fan-made Crash Bandicoot demo

Calm down, calm down! Yes, we know the Wii HD is going to be announced soon. And yes, we believe that its controller will sport a touchscreen, but how will the games look? It'll be Nintendo's first HD console and supposedly more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360. And hopefully Super Mario's world will look as lush as this fan-made Crash Bandicoot demo.

If an old PlayStation game like Crash Bandicoot was updated for today's consoles, it'd probably look a lot like this demo created by "TheBozosuper93." The level was created with the CryEngine2, the same engine that gave birth to Crysis and started up that "Does it run Crysis?" meme.

The result is a stunning world rendered with some neat bloom lighting and shadow effects. Games like Ratchet and Clank on the PS3 looked fantastic, but I haven't seen a platformer game look that good since. Give us Super Mario with this kind of detail Nintendo, and you'll probably find me in line to buy a Wii HD on day one.

YouTube - TheBozosuper93, via Gamesradar

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