Great, Google now admits that they track Android user's movements

Just days after it was revealed that Apple records the movements of iPad and iPhone users with a tracking file, Google has admitted that they are doing the same thing.

A Google spokesman said the data is collected in a anonymous file with an associated ID number, which helps them to deliver targeted data for mapping and local services. They say the information cannot be traced to an individual by name, and is deleted if you ever reset the phone.

The spokesman called it an op in system, although if you install any mapping or search apps, the location reporting automatically switches on.

Is this a threat to our privacy, or is this the type of thing people should just accept in an age when we all want information at our fingertips? What if law enforcement and the courts start to subpoena this type of information to help with criminal investigations? It's hard to claim an alibi if the tracking data shows that your phone was somewhere else.

Via Wall Street Journal

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