Go Pano Micro creates 360-degree videos on your iPhone

Wish you had eyes on the back of your head? The Go Pano Micro is a funny looking camera dongle that attaches to an iPhone 4's camera, like a periscope, only it can generate 360-degree videos. It's not quite a diabolical eyeball transplant, but it'll do.

Developed by startup Eyesee360, the Go Pano Micro is an attachment for the iPhone 4 that uses an "equiangular mirror composed of a aluminum substrate" instead of glass to create the panoramic video. Working with an iPhone app, video can be dragged on the phone's screen. That's all fine and dandy, but what we care more is how we can use this to spy on people in the local park, supermarket or subway.

We can't tell you how many "caught you picking your nose" arguments we would win with one of these cams.

The Go Pano Micro is still in its prototype stage and could stand to get a little smaller, but should you wish to see the Go Pano Micro dream be realized, you can donate towards its production through its Kickstarter page.

eyesee360, via Designboom

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