Gmail Motion is an April Fools idea that would be awesome if it was real

As we cautioned, today's April Fools' Day, and what better way to kick off the pranks than with a phony new way to use Gmail by Google. Introducing Gmail Motion, the world's first email client that performs mundane email tasks with silly motion gestures.

Some April Fools ideas are just over the roof goofy, but Google's Gmail Motion gag is actually pretty cool and useful if it was real. Motion works by tapping into a computer's webcam to activate Kinect-like motion controls.

Commands run the gamut from practical to ridiculous such as "pointing backwards with your thumb" to reply to an email, making a gesture like "opening an envelope" to open an email and "licking a stamp and placing it down" to create a new message. You can find a full list of the funny made-up gesture commands here.

To make matters even more hilarious and convenient for people who send emails all day (like yours truly), Motion can even translate body gestures into words or phrases. For example, doing a small curtsey gesture will insert a valediction or email signature.

The sad part is, despite it being a prank, I think Motion should be a real Google product. It'd especially be perfect for older folk who are still figuring out this whole electronic mail business. Who's with me? Should I get a petition demanding Google make Gmail Motion a reality? Admit it, you'd totally use this. We'd all look pretty stupid in front of our desks licking fake stamps and stuff, but at least, we'd all have something to laugh about with our cubical mates.

Via Gmail Motion

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