Full auto gatling slingshot is hand-cranked, leaves hurt behind

Jörg Sprave is a talented man. After first creating the machete slingshot, he set his sight on a gatling slingshot that can theoretically fire off 960 rounds per minute. Dennis the Menace, I believe you've met your slingshot match.

Built from nothing more than wood and some bungee cord-like string, the hand-cranked gatling slingshot can fire eight 20mm balls one at a time or all at once. Watch the video to see Jörg's weapon of doom leave a cardboard box with nothing but scars. And people say old-school manual-powered weapons are dated. Puhleeze.

As Jörg Sprave says, "What is it good for? Well, I don't know. It's just for the fun of it." Touché, Jörg!

YouTube, via Nerd Approved

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