Even dead people can't get their hands on an iPad 2

Apple's iPad 2 is still widely sold out everywhere. People can't seem to get a hold of them because those black market resellers keep cleaning Apple Stores out. You know who else can't get an iPad 2? Dead people.

In the Chinese tradition, paper offerings of materialistic goods such as money, cars, cellphones and other luxury goods are burned to pay tribute to relatives in the afterlife. The paper offering that's selling out the fastest? Why it's Apple's iPad 2.

According to Reuters, Chinese families in Malaysia are buying up paper replicas of the iPad 2 faster than they can be restocked. Prayer item shopkeeper Jeffrey Te says he's shipped in 300 iPad 2 replicas from China and can't meet demand. The dead simply want their iPad 2s. In comparison, tons of the paper original iPad and iPhone 4 are sitting around unwanted.

Funnily enough the paper iPad 2s only go for about $1 and have "888GB of storage." We knew that Apple was taking over the world with the iPad 2, but who knew it was also conquering the underworld as well. If you don't mind me, I have some iPad 2 door mats to make. Maybe those will sell out too.

Via Reuters

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