Erasing CDs with electricity makes destroying data fun, but dangerous

Destroying data off an optical disc is as boring as tying up a stack of old newspapers for recycling. But using high electrical voltage to zap all the data off a CD? That's just stylish and fun.

YouTuber Photonicinduction doesn't cut, snap, scratch, or break CDs in half to prevent others from digging into his data. He needs to literally see the data get wiped off with his own eyes. As you can see in the video of his "performance" below, erasing CDs with electricity is pretty slick. It's like using Force electricity.

I reckon I have a bunch of those AOL dial-up CDs from over a decade ago and a ton of crappy indie music that could use a good jolt.

Youtube - Photonicinduction and The Daily What, via Geeks Are Sexy

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