Dutch kids love their 155mph electric Superbus

The Dutch Superbus was just another futuristic concept when we first wrote about it in 2006, but after only three years and $18 million, it's now a futuristic prototype, and Dutch teenagers really, really want one.

Superbus was designed by Wubbo Ockels, the Netherlands' first astronaut. It's 50 feet long but only five and half feet high, making it aerodynamic like a fish but necessitating eight doors per side for all the 23 passengers. The vehicle itself is made entirely of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and is powered by 300 kW electric motors fed by lithium-ion batteries.

Superbus can travel on normal roads, but the eventual concept calls for dedicated lanes where the vehicle could throttle up to its top cruising speed of 155 mph. In that respect, it would be like a high-speed train, but the bus would have the advantage of being able to travel on most roads and change its route on demand, even as far as swinging by your house to pick you up personally.

The future of the Superbus is a bit uncertain since the Dutch government is losing interest in the project, but Ockels hopes that investors in Dubai might be able to make Superbus a reality.

Click here to see Dutch teens experiencing Superbus, and check out more video and a gallery of pics just below.

Superbus Project, via Radio Netherlands

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