Designers in 1994 pretty much nailed today's tablet and e-reader world

Long before the iPad, Amazon Kindle, Nook, PlayBook, Xoom or any other hot tablet or e-reader existed, designers started putting together their vision of what a digital newspaper tablet would look like. Surprisingly, this electronic newspaper concept from back in 1994 was a near accurate prediction of how print would make the jump to digital.

Forgetting for a moment that using a stylus is so 1990s (or is it?), this electronic newspaper tablet called for written content to be complemented with rich multimedia such as videos, animations, interactive graphics and audio. Sound familiar? It sure sounds a lot like an iPad newspaper or magazine app like The Daily doesn't it?

It gets better. Designers and publishers in the 1990s even foresaw the need for saving and sharing content — features many digital magazines and newspapers seem to deem unnecessary. This concept tablet might have limited sharing to email, but it's obvious today's quicker forms: tweeting, liking and digging would have fit under the same umbrella.

Unlike those folks over at the Today Show back in '94 who didn't even know what the Internet was, these newspaper dudes and chicks actually were ahead of their time. They predicted that we'd be reading our newspapers on tablets electronically in 10-15 years. Well, 17 years later and we're living in 1994's future. Maybe in another 10 years, we'll have hybrid AMOLED and E Ink tablets that are bendable and wafer thin or something.

YouTube, via TechEBlog

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