Crazy Soviet screw drive transport found in Russian junkyard

Forget wimpy vehicles like tanks and Humvees, if you really want a vehicle that won't leave you stuck in deep snow or muck, it's hard to beat this Soviet era screw drive truck.

The Soviets were famous for coming up with some pretty crazy concepts for military vehicles, but this one seems particularly clever.

Called the Zil 4904, this monster was built in 1972 for "aerospace search and rescue," which presumably means charging across the frozen tundra to get to wherever some cosmonaut's capsule landed.

Instead of tank treads or wheels, the truck sits on two long cylinders, with a long screw flange around the outside of each. Rotate the drums in opposite directions, and the vehicle is propelled forward, laughing at any obstructions along the way. Switch the gearing to turn the drums in the same direction, and suddenly you're crabbing sideways. Heck, rather than me trying to describe it, just look at the video of a smaller sibling of the 4904 in action.

Only two of the 4904s were ever built. No word on whether they're willing to sell it, although if you did buy it, imagine how tough it might be to get it registered. I think it's a little rough on the roads.

Via Jalopnik

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