Coolest dog leash ever looks like a handgun

You can go to Petco and buy a regular dog leash, or you can buy a dog leash fashioned to look like a handgun. I think we all know which one will look and feel better.

What the Povodokus dog leash lacks in functionality, it makes up with style. The gun's trigger even acts as the leash release/retractor. Come on, how cool is it to look like you're shooting a laser at your dog? (okay, maybe not that cool) But it still makes taking your dog out for a walk and scooping its poop off the sidewalk a much less excruciating experience.

On second thought, maybe getting stopped by the cops for mistakenly carrying a weapon isn't worth the trouble.

Disclaimer: I love dogs and animals and would never ever shoot or harm them.

Wired, via Art Lebedev

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