Concept WVIL camera uses a detachable DSLR lens

The primary reason why you can take better pictures with a DSLR than with your iPhone isn't the sensor, it's the lens. This concept camera keeps all that sexy DSLR glass, and then makes the rest of the camera into something that's iPhone-sized and detachable, even while you're taking pics.

The basic idea behind the WVIL concept is that you can take any lens that you already have (Canon, Nikon, anything) and screw a little cap onto the back which contains a 31 megapixel full-frame sensor and a wireless module.

The module talks to the camera body, which is a peripheral just a bit larger than an iPhone that provides a live view through the sensor (on a 5" full HD AMOLED screen) and controls the shutter and aperture and stuff. You can move the lens around independently from the body, or you can snap them together and make yourself a more traditional DLSR-type camera.

While WVIL may not appeal to those of us who prefer hardcore photography and miss those magical days when film was an investment and developing pictures was alchemy, it would be an easy way to add some flexibility to all those lenses you have lying around. Or at any rate, it would be if it were real, but for now at least it's just a concept, and you can indulge your imagination a little longer through the gallery below.

WVIL, via Gizmag

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