Chair-and-motorized-wheel combo makes standing obsolete

This is the "Supple" by 19-year-old Iranian designer Mohamad Sadegh Darounkolayi, and as you can see it's basically a big comfy chair with a motorized wheel underneath of it for maneuverability. You'd never have to stand up again. You know, as long as you don't mind ending up like this.

The Supple is all about making things as effortless as possible for the seated rider. For instance, you don't even have to drive the thing. Or even type. You can just point to where you want to go on a GPS-powered map and Supple will gracefully transport you there.

It also has different configurations depending on what you're doing. Taking a break? Supple's wheel slides out from under it and acts like an (albeit round) end table. It can also link with other units to form a two-wheeled two-passenger motorcycle of sorts, or connect a total of four of the vehicles to create something like a four-seater car.

Michelin Design Challenge, via Yanko Design

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