Carbon fiber FlyNano aircraft can take off and land on water

What weighs only 154 pounds, tops out at 87 miles per hour, can take off and land off water, seats a single daredevil and costs only $39,000? Yep, it's Aki Suokas' FlyNano boat/plane with a front propeller blade of death.

Constructed out of pure carbon fiber, the FlyNano is one of the lightest single-person aircrafts ever delivered. It's also super snug. It has a wingspan of only 15.7 feet and a height of only 4.9 feet. With three models, the FlyNano is capable of flying for about 43 miles on the petrol-engined 24bhp and 35 bhp model and 25 miles on the electric one.

According to Gizmag, because of its uber light weight, there's usually no license required to fly one of these. I'd hate for anyone to be able to operate a FlyNano without proper training, but hey, I don't make the rules on what does or doesn't need a license.

Did we also mention that the FlyNano is not a concept and it's ship in three months?

Via Gizmag

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