Best iPhone case for Apple fanboys: Steve Jobs in carbonite

The world's obsession with Apple CEO Steve Jobs continues. Last time it was the Steve Jobs action figure and now the man behind the iconic iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBook can be enshrined in faux-carbonite on your iPhone 4 forever.

There's a legend that says you haven't made it until you've been frozen in carbonite. Obviously, that's an old wives' tale ripped off from Star Wars' Han Solo getting frozen by Vader and pals in Cloud City on Bespin, but yeah, that means Jobs has made it. Say what you want about Steve Jobs' health, his short blurby emails and his hatred for Adobe Flash all you want, but there's no denying the man is a visionary whose gadgets have changed the way the world works.

Can't live without Steve Jobs' inspiration? You can buy the case for $35 at Society6.

Society6, via Uncrate

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