Badass Rabbi cleans kitchens with a giant blowtorch

I know Passover requires practicing Jews to clean up their kitchens, but who knew that to really get them really clean, you call in a Rabbi wielding a really big blowtorch?

I'm not Jewish, but when you live in New York you tend to get exposed to some pretty strict Jewish religious practices. To make a kitchen kosher for Passover, you need to get rid of even the slightest remnant of leavened bread, and that means cleaning and scrubbing for days, and then blasting everything with a huge propane blowtorch just to be really sure you got everything.

Rabbi Naftali Marrus is built like a football player, and works for OK Kosher Certification, an agency that certifies everything from hot dogs to pet food. He says "you have to be respectful to the blowtorch," which he has nicknamed "The Inferno."

I think we may the makings of a future movie character here.

Wall Street Journal, via PopSci

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