Apple pondering 3D camera for future iPhone

Take this with a huge, huge grain of salt everybody. According to a new Apple patent, the house that created the iPhone is exploring the possibilities of using 3D camera to take photos and video.

The patent calls for "Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors," which can be taken to mean Apple's experimenting with dual-cameras to create 3D media, along the same lines of Nintendo's 3DS and AT&T's Thrill 4G. But there's one caveat to the current mobile 3D tech: image artifacts that can result in poor 3D.

Instead of using a bunch of software algorithms that would "guess" where to make 3D images pop, Apple's patent would employ a hardware one where the camera sensors would calculate all the things necessary to make 3D pictures pop: luma, chroma, depth and distance before compiling it into one coherent pic.

This isn't the first time a patent from Apple related to 3D's surfaced. Back in December, we got wind that Apple was toying with glasses-free 3D displays. While everybody else nosedives into 3D, Apple has yet to reveal any solid plans for 3D in its devices. As always, an Apple patent doesn't necessarily mean it'll come true. But who says it's not nice to dream of the future? And with the iPhone, it's always fun to see what else Jonathan Ives and co. have lying in wait.

Apple Insider, via Venturebeat

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