The Internet churns out 29 crazy Wii HD controller mock-ups

By now, the entire Internet knows that Nintendo is planning to unveil a new high definition "Wii HD" at E3 in June. The machine will supposedly be beefier than a PS3 and Xbox 360. We've heard the controller will sport a six-inch touchscreen. Here's the part I love best, though: the silly mock-ups made from the rumors.

We've heard the new controller will be like a smaller iPad with buttons on its side, that the sensor bar is built-into the controller, that it can shoot rainbows, print money and even help give gamers a sponge bath, but that's just speculation. Here's a humorous gallery of what the Internet thinks the Wii HD's controller will look like. Some of these aren't too bad looking!

If you think you can do better, then drop us your mock-up in the comments below. Not enough inspiration? There's more wacky mock-ups over at WiiHDRumors!

Via WiiHDRumors

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