$6,400 toilet has a bidet, music, foot heater, remote, and a view

If you want a swish place to do your business, it's hard to beat this new luxury loo from the folks at Kohler.

The $6,400 Numi combines a toilet and a retractable bidet in one unit, but the luxury features don't end there. The electrically operated cover and heated seat will open and close automatically, while a blast of heated air from the base keeps your tootsies from getting cold. Best of all, a touch screen remote lets you control everything from the music being played, and the many bidet functions, to the intensity of the flush.

The only thing I'm not sure about is installing it in a room with floor to ceiling windows, as seen in the pictures and video. Even though the house appears to be high up on a hill, it ignores the fact that binoculars were invented centuries ago.

The Kohler Numi will be available this fall for about $6,400.

Kohler, via Unplgged

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