3D webcams for 3D video chat with 3D glasses is a bad idea

Toshiba's latest 3D laptops are insane — both the Toshiba P770 and P775 pack dual webcams for 3D video chat. If the awkwardness of video chat hasn't already put you off, being forced to wear 3D glasses for 3D video calling will.

3D webcams would make sense if the display was glasses-free. Unfortunately, the screens in Toshiba's newest laptops aren't — they still need the user to wear 3D active shutter glasses. So what good is video chatting with your beautiful significant other if you both can't even see each other naturally because your eyes are obscured by tinted frames? I'm sorry Toshiba, but did someone at the labs really think this would be a good idea? Why not go with those "naked eye" 3D laptops shown last fall? Sure, they'd probably be expensive as hell, but we already knew 3D gadgets come at a premium.

We're sure 3D webcams would make live video "reach right out" of the screen, but how fun could it be when you look like a borg? No thanks. Wake me up when laptops arrive with 3D webcams that are glasses-free.

For the record, Techradar notes that most popular video chat clients like Skype don't support 3D video chat yet, so technically, if you want to get all anal, the 3D webcams could be used to prance around to make the next YouTube viral sensation — in 3D. And that wouldn't require the need for glasses, but for the sake of a webcam's main purpose — as a video communicator, I repeat 3D webcams for 3D video chat with 3D glasses is a bad idea.

Via Techradar

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