3 Hacked Kinects and a 3D printer make souvenirs for tourists

Remember those photo booths where you would go to take goofy pictures of you and your friends on vacation? Well, it's just received a 21st century makeover, and now makes little 3D figurines of yourself so you can capture that special moment.

The installation uses three hacked Kinects to measure up the subject, then sends the results to a 3D printer that spits out a little figurine in just a few seconds. The resolution is pretty low, so nobody's going to be using these instead of a mugshot any time soon, but you've got to admit it's pretty cool.

Crated by the Spanish artist group BlablabLAB, the installation was set up on Barcelona's famous pedestrian mall, the Rambla. Sounds like a killer franchising opportunity just waiting to happen.

BlablabLAB, via PopSci

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