Horse boarding is an extreme sport that's crazy enough to be real

Can strapping a mountain board to some rope and having a horse drag you around a track be considered a sport? Daniel Fowler-Prime, the man who invented this so-called "horse boarding" extreme sport five years ago says it is.

You definitely can file "horse boarding" under crazy and weird, but now that it's getting a championship event this summer in the UK, it can also unofficially be considered a sport. From the picture, it looks a bit silly — a grown adult wearing padded gear, riding a mountain board, pulled by a galloping horse at 35 miles per hour, but Fowler-Prime actually says it's harder than it looks.

Careful coordination between the horse rider and the board rider need to be in place or else disaster can strike. Fowler-Prime says there's a lot of falling involved. Of course, why wouldn't there be? He says he chose horses over cars because the animals can be unpredictable. I've never been a fan of horse racing, but horse boarding could be what ropes me in, if only for the epic falls on ramps and obstacles that Fowler-Prime plans to add to the sport.

Even crazier than horse boarding is horse surfing — you guessed it, a sport in which a surf board is strapped to a horse instead of a mountain board, that Fowler-Prime toyed with in the past. Would you try this? Is BMX and skateboarding just not extreme enough anymore?

Likecool, via Daily Mail

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