Xperia PlayStation phone 'coming soon' — maybe, kinda

Almost as unbearable as the tease of Sarah Palin's maybe run for the presidency has been the ongoing "it's coming" tease of Sony-Ericsson's PlayStation phone, the Xperia. We're been playing into S-E's hands, reporting on every dropped hint and sighting for more than a year, the last time in October.

Well, maybe the tease is finally over. Maybe this is the last tease before actual product is available, Maybe. In all events, I saw and touched the Xperia at a Verizon event (a clue as to who will carry it) at CTIA in Orlando a few hours ago.

Here are the final specs of the Xperia, officially model number R800X: Android 2.3 Gingerbread,16 million color 4-inch touchscreen (854 x 480 pixels), rear 5 MP camera, front VGA camera, Snapdragon 1 GHz processor, comes with 8 GB microSD card and 32 GB microSD card slot, 6.17 ounces (not 4G LTE, as far as we can tell) - and will "PlayStation Certified" games.

"PlayStation Certified" does not mean it'll run actual PlayStation games. Rather, the slider Xperia (the slide is the control console rather than a QWERTY) will play PlayStation "optimized" games - enhanced by the extra PlayStation controls on the Xperia (including shoulder buttons) - along with normal Android games. The pre-loaded 8GB microSD card will itself come pre-loaded with six PlayStation optimized games - Madden NFL 11, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Star Battalion, Sims 3, and Tetris. There will be 50 PlayStation optimized games when the phone launches in...

Well, there's the issue. The Verizon folks first said Xperia would finally get to Verizon stores this spring - until they realized it is spring. So, maybe next month. Maybe. The most specific they'd get is "coming soon." And Palin is getting closer to making a decision about announcing when a decision would be made, which she'll announce as soon as she decides to announce.

Of course, with the way iPhone and Android have begun to dominate the gaming space, the question is, is Xperia's "soon" too late.

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