Working stun gun for kids must be the most inappropriate toy ever

Kids like to play make believe by pretending to be authority figures like cops, so what better way to make that experience more realistic, than by giving them a a toy stun gun so they can zap their friends.

Just teaching kids that pretending to torture each other can be fun seems utterly inappropriate, but the real kicker is that the Police Electric Baton Shock Tricky Toy actually sends out a real "strong but harmless shock" that you can use against "annoying people".

Thank goodness they say it's an "adult shock toy, not for children or elders." Not for children or elders?" Yeah right. Do they really think a bunch of geriatrics are going to run around zapping each other?

Incredibly, the Police Electric Baton Shock Tricky Toy is available now for only $3.40, including shipping.

Is it April Fools Day already?

Focalprice, via CrunchGear

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