This is what it would look like to pilot a spaceship past Saturn

You'll probably never get to sit in the driver's seat and fly a spaceship around Saturn, but if you did, it would look exactly like this. There's no models or CGI in this video: it's all real live imagery from Cassini.

This is a demo reel from what's hoping to be a full-length feature IMAX film called Outside In, which would be a tour of our solar system woven together from thousands of still images from decades of spacecraft. The special thing about Outside In is that it's all real pictures, without any computer-generated shenanigans whatsoever. This fact makes the imagery amazing on an entirely different level, as you think about the lonely robotic spacecraft millions of miles from home, loyally snapping pics and sending them back to us.

In order for Outside In to make it to an IMAX theater near you, it needs a little bit of help, since the whole project is more or less dependent on donations. There are plenty more details at the link below.

Outside In, via io9

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