The future is touchscreen glass — everywhere, all around us and it'll be awesome

Believe it or not, but the future of yesteryear is already here. Decades ago, we envisioned powerful smartphones and tablets. Today, we're fulfilling those dreams with Androids and iPads. What does tomorrow's future look like? I can't say for sure, but I hope it will be a lot like this "A Day Made of Glass" video by Corning.

Imagine smart and interactive touchscreen glass used in all facets of our live. Imagine touching your big screen HDTV, mapping a route on a public street kiosk and then beaming the info to your smartphone, collaborating with designers on a floor plan using flexible glass and shopping with a mirror that recommends apparel — all with computer-assisted touchscreen glass. That's a future I want to live long enough to experience — one where every device is interconnected between the public and private space of our lives.

Sure, high-end rollers probably already have some form of these futuristic visions through a smart, connected and automated home, like Bill Gates', but imagine for a second if we all had it — that what's shown in Corning's video is available to the masses.

"A Day Made of Glass" is idealistic at best, but it shows the direction that technology can take us towards. I don't care when this day comes, but count me in when it does.

Corning - YouTube, via iO9

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