Ten-foot-long electric shoe car will make PETA very angry

You're probably thinking, "WTF?" But we assure you, the ten-foot-long electric shoe car you see in the picture above is not a work of Photoshop.

According to Weird Asian News, Chinese shoeware company Kang Shoe created the electric shoe car in about six months for about $6,515. Kang Shoe created it as a marketing stunt to drum up brand interest. Considering that we're writing about such a weird vehicle, we'd say the company's done a good job.

The electric shoe car has two seats and can be driven for 250 miles at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour on a single battery charge. You won't find slick carbon fiber for its body — but rather the hide of five bulls, something PETA and vegans are sure to have a big say about.

The electric shoe car is such a hit that Kang Shoe plans to create 40 of the bizarre cars for its retail stores in China. Please remember that these shoe cars are for promo purposes only — saving up your pennies in the hopes of finding one at your local auto dealer will only lead to feelings of distraught.

Orange and Weird Asian News, via Gizmodo

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